Saturday, February 21, 2015

1/144 MiG-19S/S-105 (MiG-19S)/Shenyang F-6 Farmer C - Mark.I ‘Aerobatic Teams’ (4in1) - Mark.I

1/144 MiG-19S/S-105 (MiG-19S)/Shenyang F-6 Farmer C - Mark.I ‘Aerobatic Teams’ (4in1)- Mark.I

MKM14440  MiG-19S/S-105 (MiG-19S)/Shenyang F-6 Farmer C - Mark.I
‘Aerobatic Teams’

FOUR! kits in this box!!

The MiG-19 was the first Soviet supersonic fighter developed in the early 1950s. Licence production of its clear-weather fighter model was started in China in 1961 under the designation Shenyang J-6 (for export as the F-6). It was a single-seat, all-metal monoplane powered by two Mikulin RD-9B (or licence-built Chinese WP-6) turbojets.

Besides their main fighter and close air support roles, some aeroplanes were also used for publicity demonstrations. Wearing special paint schemes (in some instances) and performing aerobatics during various air shows, the display teams became very popular among the public onlookers at the time.

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