Friday, March 13, 2015

1-144 Twin-Engine Aircraft Collection 4 - F-Toys

1-144 Twin-Engine Aircraft Collection 4 - F-Toys
Due for release in May 2015,  a long time coming, a new great set of twin-engines!

Bristol Beaufighter

Kawasaki Ki-48

Messerschmitt Me-410A


pbhawkin said...

AND if anyone wants to repaint the Beaufighters and need decals I do a ALPS one that you can choose from 30:


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely need to be getting some of those. Thanks!
I wonder if a pair of Merlin engines is a viable conversion set too.

pbhawkin said...

I also can do Merlin engines as well as a vacformed turret too.
see pics on my website:



Tony Rigby said...

My package of 10 kits arrived from Japan today - the bonus kit was... an all-black Beaufighter night fighter. The RAAF night fighters had Merlin-engines so I might be talking to Peter.

Anonymous said...


where can i get these


Art said...


I just received my box via SAL from HobbySearch in Japan today. The bonus kit in my box is a #3 Special Captured Me410 in RAF camo and markings. Yellow prototype "P" in circle and serial of TF209. Pretty cool!


Unknown said...

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pbhawkin said...

How is that link relevant to anything in this blog?
Not only does it not relate to Beaufighters but the planes and helicopters are not 1/144 scale!