Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1/144 Bristol Beaufighter MK.IF/IC/VI - Mark I

1/144 Bristol Beaufighter MK.IF/IC/VI - Mark I

Everyone is releasing each others kits this year! Following on from the F-Toys announcement, now comes more Beaufighters from Mark I.

The Bristol Beaufighter was a British long-range heavy fighter, developed early in 1939 from the Beaufort torpedo bomber. It became an efficient night-fighter, employing the then novel AI radar. Following short-term development the first prototype flew in July 1939 and the first aeroplanes reached the squadrons in the summer of the next year.

The Beaufighter was a two-seat, twin engine, all-metal mid-wing cantilever monoplane, fitted with a retractable undercarriage. It was powered by two Hercules radial engines and the armament consisted of four cannons in the nose, four guns in the starboard wing and another two guns in the port wing.

The Beaufighter Mk.IF was destined for RAF Fighter Command units, while the Mk.IC, fitted with an additional radio and navigational equipment, was a dedicated long-range fighter for the Coastal Command. Total production of both variants reached 914 aircraft.

The Beaufighter had a long career and served in almost all theatres of war during the WWII, at first as a night fighter, then as a fighter-bomber and eventually being used as a torpedo-bomber.

MKM14434  Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IF ‘Night Fighter’

MKM14435  Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IC ‘Coastal Patrol’

MKM14436  Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VIF/C ‘Formidable Fighter’

Expected: June 2015

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