Wednesday, July 22, 2015

1/144 LandKreuzer P.1500 Monster + Flak Maus - Takom

1/144 LandKreuzer P.1500 Monster + Flakpanzer VIII  Maus - Takom
Takom look set to do it again! after the seemingly successful issue of the P-1000 Landkreuzer Ratte & Maus combo kit - they raise their game and produce another great 1/144 kit (plastic injection).

The interior detailing looks very interesting too!



FederalLawsuits55 said...

I would like to buy one of these. Does anyone have one to sell?

bluedonkey99 said...

They are not yet available...

FederalLawsuits55 said...

Before this LandKreuzer P-1500 is produced, I hope they make it with the most accurate probable design possible.

For a LandKreuzer P-1500 of this tremendous size of 1,500 tons, its German designers would know it would be a prime target for enemy bombers and fighters. Therefore, I would think the Germans would give the LandKreuzer P-1500 strong Anti-Aircraft (AA) gun protection built in.

Most likely, the LandKreuzer would have two quad 20mm flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind guns, complete with protective turrets. They would probably place one 20mm Wirbelwind turret on the front right section of the LandKreuzer P-1500, and place the second Wirbelwind turret mounted on the rear left of the LandKreuzer P-1500.

This huge tank would need even more AA protection than that though. I would figure the German designers would also equip the LandKreuzer with two twin AA 12.8 cm FlaK 40 Zwilling guns. One would be mounted on each side of the LandKreuzer P-1500.

These twin 12.8 cm Zwilling Anti-Aircraft guns were extremely accurate and were used with great success to protect the FlakTowers in Berlin. As the war ended, the FlakTowers were the only structures that the Russians could not destroy. :)

It is highly possible these AA guns I mentioned were designed into the LandKreuzer P-1500, but that it was kept secret until construction was completed. Sadly, this huge tank was not built, but at least hobbyists can soon buy models of the LandKreuzer P-1500 :)

FederalLawsuits55 said...

Now that I study the LandKreuzer P-1500 design more closely, I would think the German designers would give it four of the quad 20mm flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind guns, one mounted on each corner of the LandKreuzer.

In addition, the LandKreuzer having two twin AA 12.8 cm FlaK 40 Zwilling guns, one mounted on each side, would make the LandKreuzer P-1500 a formidable, sensible weapon. :)

FederalLawsuits55 said...