Wednesday, July 29, 2015

1/144 USA & SOVIET/RUSSIAN Missile Sets - Shelf Oddity

 1/144 USA & SOVIET/RUSSIAN Missile Sets - Shelf Oddity
Shelf Oddity are new artisan house producing a range of exceptionally high quality accessories for your 1/144 masterpieces out of brass and PE!

Have a brand new Su-27 or MiG-21 model and need something to place under its wings?

Are you the only person outside of Japan with the *Triple Nuts MiG-29 kit and are missing some missiles? Shelf Oddity comes to the rescue!

There are 6 different Soviet/Russian missiles sets in the catalogue. One of them is quite universal - R-13M which is an exact copy of early AIM-9 Sidewinder - double markings included.Attack aviation fans can check out the AGM-65 Maverick set too!

Each set contains 2 missile bodies made of turned brass, PE fret with missile fins and a decal sheet with different markings (in few cases - a lot of them!).

There are mounting holes pre-drilled in each missile body allowing for quick positioning of PE fins. Each fin is equipped with one or two mounting pins which apart from easy positioning allow for stronger joint.

All of the items are already available on

Air to Air Missiles:
Air to Surface Missiles:

* - Will fit other MIG-29 kits ;-)

Also P/E sets for 1/700 IJN kits!

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