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1/144 Millennium Falcon (Awakening of the Force) - Bandai

1/144 Millennium Falcon (Awakening of the Force) - Bandai
Coming in October 2015, a new mold Millennium Falcon  to tie into the upcoming release of the new Star War film. It looks great, I can't decipher if its a kit or finished pre painted item... However, talk on the web points to Bandai taking over the license from Fine Molds?

Lets hope F-Toys gets a new Star Wars licence for some of the smaller craft in 1/144 too!

(Machine Translated)
"1/144 Millennium Falcon (awakening of the Force)" price 5,400 yen (tax 8% included) in October will be released Than the "awakening of Star Wars / Force", it is reproduced in 1/144 scale the Millennium Falcon to appear in the play. Fuselage of fine detail reproduction and character figures over detail, directing the play in the scene close to the various optional parts, such as a base.

[Detail] to reproduce the detail over the details by verifying the thorough article condensation in the 1/144 scale.Reproduce the flight conditions [rear engine] engine parts in effect parts of the clear blue of the selection formula.

[Cockpit] faithfully reproduces the cockpit internal structure. In addition, of the same scale figure attached boarding is also possible.

[Canopy] to those of the all-clear material, two is supplied only frame.
In [hatch] parts replacement formula, can be opened and closed reproduction of the hatch.

[Chakuyukaashi] comes with the landing gear to reproduce the implantation and maintenance state. You can 

reproduce the Millennium Falcon in the tarmac.
[Accessory] the same scale of the fins, Ray, Han Solo, Chewbacca (seated type upright type) and BB-8 is included.

[Display] airframe of display-based desert motif of Jakhu. Based multiple connection possible with the joint parts.

Dedicated display base × 1
1/144 scale fin figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale Rei figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale Han Solo figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale Chewbacca figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale BB-8 × 1
Canopy × 2 species (Clear parts × 1 · frame parts × 1)
Rear engine effect parts × 1
Hatch opening and closing reproduction parts × 1 formula
Chakuyukaashi × 1 formula
Water transfer type decal × 1

Marking seal × 1

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