Friday, November 13, 2015

1-144 Bundesmarine LSM 'Eidechse' (Lizard)Class - Revell

1-144 Bundesmarine LSM 'Eidechse'(Lizard) Class - Revell

What's happening at Revell, they seem to have something in the water and are suddenly bringing some new and interesting item to the scale (Will we see the Sycamore as a separate release, as well as the Vehicles?)

Ok, so clearly Revell are releasing the WWII LSM as a post war German Navy boat, with not just vehicles but an early helicopter!

This particular boat appears to be the 'Krokodil (L 750)', which served in the Bundesmarine between September 5, 1958 to December 15, 1972 (maybe other decals will be provided? Used as a Command and medical ship. (German)

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Stephen Beat said...

What an unusual release! This has really got my attention - will be looking out for this.