Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1/144 Dassault MD.450 OURAGAN - Miniwing

1/144 Dassault MD.450 OURAGAN - Miniwing

Miniwings have released their next batch of kits, covering this nice looking early European fighter-bombe.

The Dassault M.D.450 Ouragan (French: Hurricane) was the first French-designed jet fighter-bomber to enter production, playing a key role in resurgence of the French aviation industry after World War II. The Ouragan was operated by France, India, Israel and El Salvador. While in Israeli service, it participated in both the Suez Crisis and the Six-Day War.

Detailed design work on the new aircraft, which was given the designation M.D. (Marcel Dassault) 450, began in October 1947, with construction beginning on 7 April 1948 at Dassault's factory in Saint-Cloud. The Ouragan was smaller and lighter than the Thunderjet and had a thin wing similar to the one used by the Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star.

The kit conforms to the Miniwing signature format and quality,  being cleanly cast and no air bubbles. The panel lines on fuselage are very finely, and also provided is both a clear resin and a vac-form canopy - also, included is a set of vinyl masks for painting the canopy. Did i mention the box, well there Miniwing have introduced a new modern letterbox style box - with full colour painting options on rear.

There are two decal options are provided for aircraft :

  • Armee de l'air, 2e Escadre de Chasse, Dijon, 1954 (aircraft #207 of 1954 "Patrouille de France"
  • Indian Air Force, 29 Sqn "Scorpions", 1958

An Israeli and El Salvadoran version of this kit is available.

Available: December 2015
From: or Usual Stockists

(Review kit provided by Miniwing)

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