Thursday, March 24, 2016

1/144 Bachem Ba-349 A / Ba-349 M52/M58 - Brengun

1/144 Bachem Ba-349 A  and Bachem Ba-349 M52/M58  - Brengun
Brengun have released another set of interesting little kits, previously available in resin from Fozone, its not available in build and wallet friendly injected plastic, and comes with decals and two kits in a box.

for more info on the development and history of this aircraft:

Bachem Ba-349 A Natter (two in box)
Catalog number: BRP144001

Bachem Ba-349 M52/M58 (two in box)
Catalog number: BRP144002

Available: March 2016
Price: 12 Euro

Maybe there is some hope of seeing their B&V-40 in 144 too now?

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