Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1/144 Launch Ramp for Bachem Ba-349 "Natter" - Brengun

1/144 Launch tower for Bachem Natter - Brengun

A very fined example of the launch ramp for the Bachem Natter,
Consisting of photo etch and resin parts, designed to be used with Brengun kits (Natter not included!)
More images of the launch ramps/pads can be found here:

Launch Tower:

Bachem Ba-349A Natter (two in box)
Catalog number: BRP144001

Bachem Ba-349 M52/M58 (two in box)
Catalog number: BRP144002

or, for a slightly easier build...

PanzerFabrik has prepared a 3D printed alternative (designed to be used with Brengun kits, Natter not included!) which is available on Shapeways:

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