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1/144 Mil Mi-10 Military Transport Helicoptor - by Eastern Express

1/144 Mil Mi-10 Military Transport Helicoptor - by Eastern Express

The first prototype V-10 was completed in 1959 and was soon officially allocated the service designation Mi-10. The first flight took place on 15 June 1960 and flight testing continued successfully until in May 1960 the first prototype crashed during a precautionary landing resulting from loss of gearbox oil pressure, only the Navigator/ radio operator surviving. After joining the flight test programme the second prototype began a series of world record breaking altitude/payload flights for turbine powered helicopters. State acceptance trials were passed successfully in 1961, but production did not commence until 5 March 1964 at the Rostov-on-Don factory, with first flight of a production aircraft on 10 September 1964, leading to a total of forty of the long-legged Mi-10 helicopters built, from 1964 to 1969.

Mi-10 Initial standard long-legged production helicopter

Mi-10K (K - korotkonogiy - short legged) (NATO - Harke-B) Flying crane helicopter with short-legged narrow-track undercarriage and a ventral gondola for a second pilot.

Mil Mi-10 Military transport helicopter (EA144509)

Mil Mi-10K transport helicopter (EA144510)

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Available: December 2016
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