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1/144 Hawker Hunter F.6A/FGA.9 ‘Elegant Fighter’ (2in1 = 2 kits in 1 box - Mark I

MKM14479 1/144 Hawker Hunter F.6A/FGA.9 ‘Elegant Fighter’ (2in1 = 2 kits in 1 box) 
(RAF, Royal Jordanian AF) ex-Revell sprues (two complete kits included),

The Hawker Hunter was a British jet fighter developed during the late 1940s and its prototype, the P.1067, was flown in July 1951. Succeeding first-generation jet fighters such as the Meteor and Venom, the first single-seat Hunter interceptor variant was introduced to RAF service in 1954. During the 1960s dedicated variants of the Hunter evolved, to be used for fighter-bomber and reconnaissance roles.

The definitive version was the FGA.9 (128 a/c converted from F Mk.6s), on which the majority of export versions were based, and saw front line use from 1960 to 1971. Hunter Mk.6As were upgraded F Mk.6s (24 a/c to FGA Mk.9 standard) serving as training aeroplanes from the early 1970s until 1984.

It was a single-seat swept wing all-metal monoplane aircraft powered by a R-R Avon turbojet. It featured two wing-root intakes, single jet pipe, aft sliding canopy, ejection seat and tail-mounted brake parachute. The Hunters were armed with four Aden cannons in a removable weapons pack in the fuselage underside, while a variety of external stores could be mounted beneath the wings, e.g. 500lb or 1,000lb bombs, launchers for 3" RP and/or drop tanks.

The Hunter was one of the RAF’s mainstays from the mid-1950s through the sixties. It became a popular machine in foreign service, being exported to many countries worldwide and flown with the air forces of no less than 20 nations.

Colour schemes included in the kit:
1) Hawker Hunter F Mk.6A, XK141, White 33, No.229 OCU (Operational Conversion Unit)/No.234 Sq., RAF, Chivenor Air Base, Devon, U.K., 1974

2) Hawker Hunter FGA Mk.9, XF442, White B, No.1 Sq., RAF, West Raynham Air Base, U.K., flown by Flt.Lt. A. Pollock during “Tower Bridge incident", 5 April 1968

3) Hawker Hunter F Mk.6 (FGA Mk.9 standard), XE587, Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS), RAF, Boscombe Down Air Base, Wiltshire, U.K., May 1974
4) Hawker Hunter FGA Mk.9, 708 (ex-XF452), White J, No.1 Sq., Royal Jordanian Air Force (Al Quwwat Aljawwiya Almalakiya Alurduniya), Amman Air Base, Jordan, 1966

Two injection-moulded kits are supplied in this box and each kit contains 44 parts (moulded in grey plastic) and one clear part (the cockpit canopy). A comprehensive instruction leaflet and a decal sheet are included.

Price £15.80

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John Haverstock said...

I have visually confirmed that this kit IS the same kit released by Revell AG back in 2001. Its a great kit though and these are all welcome decal options. Maybe they will release a series of Lightnings???? (Fingers crossed)