Friday, July 13, 2018

1/144 Luftwaffe Me323 D-1 'Gigant' Military Transport Aircraft - Pit Road

Luftwaffe Me323 D-1 'Gigant' Military Transport Aircraft - Pit Road

- The giant machine which became pioneer of the current transport machine appeared!

- Me 323 GG is a large machine equipped with six engines on the main wing based on the Me 321 transport glider and started the test flight from April 1942.
- The carrying capacity is 130 soldiers if it is a soldier, it can carry even cannons, towing cars and light tanks, making full use of its extensive range from the Eastern Front to the African front, making full use of its transportation capacity. Production continued until April 1944, and the total production base has reached 198 aircraft.
- The kit reproduces the characteristics of the airframe with a strapping structure on the steel pipe frame as much as possible.
- The front cargo doors of the double doors that influenced the current transport aircraft are also openable and closable, even in combination with vehicles of the same scale.

- 1 machine
- Total length of about 194 mm / total width of about 382 mm
- The 5th Transportation Aviation Team affiliated equipment, including all three types of decal markings
Available: September 2018

Price: 29USD, 25Euro and 22GBP (Which is great value for this kit)

Also expect to see a GWH issue of this kit too:

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