Saturday, November 17, 2018

1/144 WW.II US Forces P - 51 D Mustang (2 Kits in Box) - Platz

Platz 1/144 WW.II US Forces P - 51 D Mustang (2 Kits in Box)

Platz' 1/144 great aircraft series that has received popularity with precise mold expression and easy-to-make kit composition will re-emerge from the fall of 2018 again.

First of all, it is two sets of P-51D Mustang that received high evaluation as the first work to commemorate this aircraft, series.

Set a lot of decal choices for Mustang, which is indispensable for Ace's ride machine and colourful marking, and will redesign the explanatory diagrams and packages so that you can make it easier.
Restarting the series aiming to feel the pleasures of airplane models again.

1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly - 2 kits in box
- Exquisite mold expressions beyond scale such as delicate panel lines
- Large format decals set with 5 markings
- Decalized canopy frame and nose anti-glare
- We also prepare the wing invasion stripe at the decal
- A decal configuration that can enjoy painting with reduced masking work
- Decal made by Italian Cartograph Decals
- Easy-to-understand explanation of painting by color printing

The 58th All Japan Model Hobby Show New Products
Available: Now on sale
Cost: 1,900 YEN

Ref: PDR-1


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