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1/144 Battle of Britain Diorama - PBHawkins

1/144 Battle of Britain Diorama - PBHawkins

When Peter over at PBHawkins gave up kit production, he didn't stop modelling in his favoured scale. Here we present a diorama and vehicle collection on the theme of  the "Battle of Britain".

Here is a list of all items used:

Kellogs Cereals (Card Model)
Kellogs Airfield is from  50th anniversary of the BoB airfield

Sankei (Card Model)
Control tower s a card model from Sankei in Japan (Ebay purchase),

Corgi (Card)
Briefing room and emergency vehicles shed are from the "Corgi Control Tower WW2" kit AA31806 (Ebay purchase),

Concrete apron is self printed from a suitable file found on the internet,

Vehicles are:
Prohobby/Icom (all white metal)
Austin K6 Fire tender converted to a WOT1
Dodge W54 Ambulance
AEC Matador Medium Truck

Arrowhead Miniatures (all white metal)
Bedford OYD 3 tonne,
Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
RAF Personnel Set
Hillman Tilly Light Utility Vehicle converted to a Standard Tilly Ambulance
Austin K2 Ambulance

Oxford Miniatures (all Plastic)
Austin Tilley
AEC Matador
Bedford MWD
motorbike sidecar

Panzerfabrik 144 (3d printed from Shapeways)
RAF Bomb tractor
RAF Brown tractor and fuel bowser
US GMC 6x6 fuel truck (not used)

Masters of military (3d printed from Shapeways)
Humber FWD 8cwt heavy utility (ambulance, crew transport and staff car)

Matador models (all resin)
Albion AM 463 RAF Refueller kit 144V.01
Albion AM 463 RAF 4x2 with Coles Mk I crane kit 144V.03
Albion AM 463 RAF 4x2 with Flat platform Semi-trailer kit 144V.04
Standard Mk.III Beaverette 144V.05
Thorncraft Bison Armoured lorry 144V.06

Gramodels (all resin)
Matador Fuel kit 086
Matador Crane kit 087

Visser 3d (3d printed from Shapeways)
NAAFI canteen van

Atlantic Models/White Ensign (White metal and PE)
40MM Bofors single barrel AA

Takara (resin)
sandbags for gun emplacements (WTM 01)

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