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1/144 F-8K/C Crusader Hells `Angels/NASA` (Set of 2) (Plastic model) - Platz

1/144 F-8K/C Crusader Hells `Angels/NASA` (Set of 2) (Plastic model) - Platz

-The F-8 Crusader appeared in the late 1950s as the United States Navy's first practical supersonic fighter.

-It has been active for about 40 years, as it has high speed performance and air combat performance that surpassed the land aircraft of the time, and it was easy to handle as a ship with excellent landing performance.

-In Vietnam, also known as the “final gunfighter”
[Major features]
-The U.S. Navy's first practical supersonic fighter, the F-8 Crusader
-2 sets
-115mm length when completed
-Exquisite mold expression beyond the scale such as delicate panel lines
-Decal is high quality silk screen printed by Cartograph, Italy

-Marking is a marine fighter unit VMF-321 `Hell's Angels` (F-8K) belonging to the attractive blue back
-  NASA aircraft that became a digital fly-by-wire test bed in the 1970s (F-8C / F-8DFBW)
- US Navy VF-142 `Ghost Riders` belonging machine (F8U-1) with an impressive red arrow as a bonus decal
-Easy-to-understand painting explanation with color printing

-F-8K Crusader VMF-321 `Hell's Angels` 1972
-F-8C (F-8DFBW) Crusader digital fly-by-wire testing machine NASA 1972
-F8U-1 Crusader VF-142 `Ghost Riders` 1959

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Release Date: January 2020

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John Haverstock said...

This looks like a re-release of a release from several years ago. You would think they could have done a new decal sheet with some new markings... .