Thursday, June 20, 2019

1/144 Daimler Benz Project F -

Daimler Benz Project F - German Service (Plastic model)

-Daimler-Benz Project F is a manned ground missile planned at the end of WW.II.
-The aircraft was suspended under the wing of a large bomber and was designed under the plan of taking off from the air, leaving the hatch below the cockpit just before the pilot maneuvers and guides and lands on the target after taking off from the air.
-However, considering speed etc., it is thought that it was extremely difficult to escape in practice.

-When completed, the overall length will be approximately 89 mm and the overall width approximately 62 mm.

-The canopy is made of clear injection and comes with 4 different decals.
※ The part includes the display stand.

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- Prototype, Hanna Reitsch, Peeenmunde, Sept 1945'

- Heinz Bar, JG52/III, Belgium, 1946.

- Siegfried Lemke, JG2 Richthofen, Mezhausen, June 1946.

- ObstLt Gunter Freiherr von Maltzahn, JG52 'Pik-as', Hungary, MArch 1946.

Daimler Benz Project F - Axis Forces (Plastic model)

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- Italian National Republican Air force, 1st Fighter Group, 1st Squadron, Major Adriano Visconti, Italy July 1946.

- Royal Hungarian Air force, Lt. Col Aladar Heppesm, Vesprem Hungary, June 1946.

- (Royal) Imperial Japanese Air Force.

- Slovak Air Force, Stefan 'Fista' Martis, Malacky Airfield, Slovakia, July 1946.

Daimler Benz Project F - Captured (Plastic model)

- Royal Air Force, RAF No. VF288, March 1946.

- USAF, No. EB201, August 1946.

- Soviet Airforce VVS, Kubinka Base, July 1946.

- NACA, Edwards Airforce Base, July 1947.

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