Saturday, August 24, 2019

1/144 Tomcat Memories - F-Toys

1/144 Tomcat Memories - F-Toys
** Computer Translation **

-Famous Tomcat in [Top Gun] reproduced with completely new mold
-Special edition with [Scordron emblem sticker]! (Includes one per box!)

-A Tomcat that appeared in the hit movie [Top Gun] that once caused a whirlwind, and gained popularity as a protagonist.
-Reproduced the old figure of F14A that was almost retired, centering on the aircraft carrier at that time.

-Content confectionery: 1 gum (includes semi-painted assembly kit)
-Blind package specifications (I don't know what type is in the outer box)
-1 box 10 pieces
* All types are available in 1BOX.

-1: US Navy 41st Battle Squadron [Black Aces]
-2: US Navy 24th Battle Squadron [Red Checker Tales]
-3: US Navy 111th Battle Squadron [Sundowners]
-4: US Navy 21st Fighting Squadron [Freelancers]
-5: Iranian Imperial Air Force 73rd Tactical Combat Squadron
-6: US Navy 14th Fighting Squadron [Top Hatters]
-7: US Navy 51st Squadron [Screaming Eagles]
-8: US Navy 114th Battle Squadron [Ard Barks]
-9: US Navy 84th Battle Squadron [Jolly Rogers]

Release Date: October 2019


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