Monday, February 15, 2021

1/144 Wing Kit Collection VS14 Dragonslayer vs Black Widow - F-Toys

1/144 Wing Kit Collection VS14 Dragonslayer vs Black Widow -  F-Toys 

This wing kit VS series 14 bullets is a confrontation of two types of WWII twin-engine fighters.

The aircraft on the Japanese side is the Ki-45 Kai / Type 2 double-seat fighter "Kiryu", which is characterized by its slim shape.

On the other hand, the American side is the P-61 Black Widow, which was active as a night fighter. It has a unique heavyweight body shape.
Both are characterized by twin-engine aircraft.

All 9 types + Secret

[Ki-45 Kai Type 2 Double-seat Fighter DragonSlayer]

1-A. Ki- 45 Kai-Kai Flight 4th Squadron 1st Attack Squadron
1-B. Ki- 45 Kai-Kai Flight 5th Squadron 2nd Company
1 -C. Ki-45 Kai  Flying 53rd Squadron 3rd Squadron 
1-D. Ki-45 Kai -Flying 53rd Squadron 1st Squadron
1-E. Ki-45 Kai -Flying 45th Squadron 1st Company

[P-61A / B Black Widow]
2-A. P-61A US Army 6th Night Fighter Squadron
2-B. P-61A US Army 426 Night Fighter Squadron
2-C. P-61B US Army 417 Night Fighter Squadron
2-D. P-61B US Air Force 68th All-Weather Fighter Squadron

If purchased via Hobby Shop, bonus decals will be provided.
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Released on April 19, 2021 (excluding Okinawa)
Pre-painted semi-finished assembly kit
Code: 4582138604580

Bonus Decals

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