Tuesday, September 12, 2006

21st Century Toys - "Pacific War" Series 2 (repaint)


Repaints for the 1:144 scale warbirds. First look at S2 schemes!
9/11/06Collectors all around the country are eating up the new 1:144 scale warbirds! Today 21st Century Toys has released the S2 paint schemes for the F6F-3/5 Hellcat and the Ki-84 Hayate. Shown here are the paint master models in 1:72 scale. These models will serve as the paint patterns for the final product due for release in stores later this fall. Enjoy the pictures. We will continue to dig up news on any other 1:144 scale updates so keep your eyes glued on AREA-21.

No news on the "European War" Me-262 or P-51D repaints..... ?


Anonymous said...

I have purchased two sets of each of 21st Century's 144 first series.
My comments are these...The Frank is absolutely the best of the lot. Just a little touch up here and there and it's done, The ME-262 required a little more work espeically the jet intakes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it sits on its nose rather then being a tail sitter. The Mustang comes next and it gets worse. Painting was sloppy, gear and tires not set into wings right, one model had left undercarriages for both sides. Prop will not sping very easy, need to bend prop blades. Hellcat sorry to say is the poorest of the lot, almost had to rebuild the entire model, but when finished really makes a nice addition. Hope second series is better. Don K

Anonymous said...


thanks for the comments, its always handy to have people comment!
Mine are on the way, I havent seen them yet!
It sounds like they are akin to the armour, in so much they are interesting items but not always "museum quality"