Saturday, June 30, 2007

Furuta Series? - Combat Vehicle Vol.1

07/09 schedule chocolate egg armored cars 輌 NEW!
07/09予定 チョコエッグ 戦闘車輌 

I have seen a reference to "Chocolate Egg" series of "Armoured Cars".
Usually these refer to Furuta, so mabe they have a series coming?
(although it would be good to see another Furuta Aircraft series!!)
11 kind + color difference 2 kind + secrets. (WWII& Modern)
The actually scale is not currently given, but imagine 1/144 armoured cars would be small enough to fit in a choc egg and would be a great series to have!?
According to this it is line-up of 1 kinds of all the 11 kind + color difference 2 kind + secrets. Because it is the chocolate egg, it probably is non scale what, but don't you think? perhaps, several among these it becomes something which is close to 1/144. Around especially light machine gun dynamic car…


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Richard said...

would be really nice if that 251, which looks like a C class is 144. A subject not around much in 144.