Sunday, July 01, 2007

1/144 DEcals - by Morouworks

1/144 Decals - by Morouworks

interesting decals, many nations - worth a look!
USAAF, USN, RAF, RN, IJN, IJA, JDSF, USMC, luftwaffe, WWII & modern


smeg1959 said...

Just visited the eBay site (moruworks is an eBay newbie), then followed the website link to this company's (home page ) ... very impressive range. Interesting that numerically, the Bf109 gets the greatest attention, in keeping with the countless Takara/Bandai incarnations in 1/144.

At $US4.75, they seem reasonably priced. The advert points out that they are prepared on a "sermal (!) printer" and can scratch off, but I'd imagine it's nothing that a coat of acrylic finish shouldn't be able to protect. Note that enamel coatings are out.

Particularly good is that there are several decal sheets for subjects covered in early Wing Club series, compensating for Bandai's barebones approach to markings. I'll definitely be investing in some Hellcat and Bf110 decals.

And hey, there's even an RAAF Mossie ... I can now finish that F-Toys example I stripped a couple of months ago!

If anyone has bought and used these, can we get your feedback?

bluedonkey99 said...

There printed on "Alps" printers, so yes a thermal transfer (or similar).
they need abit of care and attention, but should be too much of a problem to an experienced modeller used to decal-sol/decal-set type solutions etc.
Newbies, shoudl probably stay away or expect a few casualties!

robertk said...

I need cut the paper around decal from the sheet..
Is not good scratch the surface of decal.. of course a light coat of gloss varnish will make a more easy and safe to handle...

martin said...

has anyone bought anything form here yet?

I cant get any response via email.



bluedonkey99 said...

I havnet bought eanything yet, but I have seem reference elsewhere.
most interestngly there is positive history of sales on his ebay site.

there is a bit of a holiday season going on in japan at the moment so if yours was a recent query then it maybe held up due to that?

I count vouch for everything posted on the site, however most of the links on the right hand side are established.

martin said...

ahh yes, thought it might be something like that....
it was a recent inquiry, but you know what its like, ive been looking for old myk decals for ages and happened across moruworks so just wanted to buy everything instantly.

will post when I get a response,


martin wedderburn said...

Still nothing!

that is one hell of a vacation so far.