Sunday, November 11, 2007

IPMS 2007 @ Telford, UK. (*** UPATED 12/11/07 **)

(**UPDATED 12/11/07**)
please check out the pictures here for the IPMS Show in Telford.
Its mainly 1/144 - but there will be some other stuff!
I will update it in days to come!


smeg1959 said...

Great work, Mr BD!

Quick question: Do you know the source of that comprehensive collection of Gloster Meteors? Seeing the E28/39 Whittle suggests that one Meteor will be Anigrand (from the RAF Globemaster kit), but I wonder whether the rest have been sourced from Don Schmenk. If so, I'm sure Don would be delighted to see the display.

bluedonkey99 said...

Gloster Meteors - i think most if not all where scratch builds?

to be honest in hindsight i am not sure the Gloster Meteors where 1.144 - do they seem large? if they are not 1/144 then there could be a range od 1/72 resins etc and scratches.

interesting i think a close inspection may reveal "blackend" canopies which *usualy* means scratch build.

My excuse is everything else on that table was 144 SIG Group items.

it was not always possible to talk to the modellers, as the guys concerned may have modells displayed on a number of tables or simpley where walking baout the show too!

although i dare say a few may have been suffering from an evening in the bar!

PS: more photos later!

bigreg said...

The Meteors were made by Terry Patrick. Terry made the early versions as scratch builds then used Don's resins for the later ones. He coverted some of Dons to the two seaters and Don then moulded them!
Terry lives fairly close to me and his skill is amazing he had his Overstrand on display too.
Dave, the sig leader, had some really good models too.

smeg1959 said...

Thanks, bigreg!

On Don's product list, he credits Terry for a number of items. I have Don's moulding of the Meteor, so this display is a nice reminder for me to get going and build it.

"Blackened" canopies are the norm with many "garage" resin kits, including all of Don's items and most of Kami de Koro's. Obviously bigger concerns like Anigrand and Unicraft can afford vac-forming equipment to make clear canopies.

In his kits based on Don's moulds, Alex Trant supplies a solid clear resin casting of the canopy area and immediate surrounding area - if you want, you cut away the appropriate area and replace it with the clear part. Problem is that solid clear resin is notorious for showing a myriad of tiny air bubbles. You're better off leaving the solid opaque area and doing the "blackened" routine.

With simple canopy shapes, the best bet is to carefully remove the solid area corresponding to the canopy and make a "heat-n-smash" alternative.

An Overstrand? Love to see that as a resin kit down the line.

PS. BD, just in case Don hasn't seen it, I'll pass on the URL for the IPMS blog.

bigreg said...

I don't think you will see the Overstrand as it is fully assembled. Terry says it has a fault - which even after he showed me I could hardly notice.
Don cast my Javelin for me, in the days before I discovered basswood.
He will be making the moulds for my RAF interwar biplanes.


bluedonkey99 said...


bigreg said...

The Overstrand was a development of the Sidestrand a twin engine mid thirties bomber in service with 101 sqn RAF. It was designed by Boulton Paul and could be looped and rolled. The Overstrand was the first RAF bomber with a turret. They were both named after little towns in Norfolk.
Here ends today's useless fact!

bluedonkey99 said...


Boulton Paul P.75 Overstrand

looks cool in a fugly way!

- thank heavens for wiki!