Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Project 144 - Show 6

Project 144 - Show 6, Tokyo

for some reason there does not appear to be an offical show report, however i have been sent the following links.


olivier30330 said...

very nice the fi282, another things in 1/144e:
News products of Créations Chaubet, 1/144e white métal :
M167 Maryland (RAF Vers.)
Xf5 Skyrocket
F8E(French navy)
P59 Airacomet
see :
best regards

bluedonkey99 said...

Oliver thanks for the notice of your updates!
I will look at your site.
and, yes - the Fi282 is amazing.... if only i was in japan!

smeg1959 said...


On the page belonging to the first hyperlink in your post, there are a couple of new Wing144 items. I visited the site ( and found the following:

Kit 4: Focke Wulf Fw Volksjager
Kit 5: Messerschmitt Me263
Kit 6: Bachem Ba349A Natter

As with the first three kits, the price isn't cheap - the Volksjager sells for 2415 yen, the Me263 for 3675 yen and the Natter for 3150 yen. I expect that Radsan and Starjet will get hold of a couple of each, so it will be interesting to see how much they go for on eBay if and when that happens.

Sadly kit 1, the Bv P170.01 Schnellbomber, is still out of production.

Oh, and Peter Hawkin has released his Italian IMAM RO.43/44 and Soviet Beriev KOR-1 floatplanes. Examples of each recently sold on eBay.

smeg1959 said...

BD99 and Olivier30330,

A minor correction. The little chopper is not a Fieseler Fi282, it is a Flettner Fl282 "Kolibri". However, I agree with your comments - lovely little model which seems to be making great use of photoetched or brass parts. I want one!!!

bluedonkey99 said...

thnaks for the update.
the Wings144 moels are excellent - would have formed an great basis for a Project Flieger Sereis 3 or 4!!

olivier30330 said...

oups!!! sorry smeg1959!!!