Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1/144 Anigrand Kits - US Aircraft


Republic XF12
interesting item, probably one most are not aware of'?
interesting "hughes" air racer bonus aircraft
and a twin boom p-51 photo recon version?
available - Feburary 2008
NIce big flying wimg. plus baby wing and a p-38 os some description? - perhaps the one in the photo?
available - March 2008


badger said...

The XF-12 kit appears to come with a Beech F-2 Expeditor, XF-11, and a P-61 Black Widow? Cafereo already released the P61, so unless that's a variant, I can't imagine why Anigrand would release a dupe?

The XB-35 kit appears to come with an XB-42 Mixmaster, N-9M, and an XP-58.

Interesting selection of planes to release, as I'm not sure there's a huge demand for any of them other than the flying wings. I'm addicted enough to get them all though, so well done again, Anigrand!

bluedonkey99 said...

thanks for the input, i did wonder about that bonu kit being a P-61!

it is an odd selection!

it will be interesting to see if the xb-35 is a new master or reusing Kura's kits? (in teh way FE-resin have released his S3B?)

still teh flying wings are cool.... not sure i have space for the big flying wings, what with this release and the previous US flying wings...

the XF-12 is interesting, but thankingfully not a core subject area for me or i might be tempted, but i think it is also bigger than it looks? which doesnt help!

I was so tempted with that huge Japanese bomber! but where or wheer in my tiny euro house would i put it?

badger said...

I totally agree about the lack of space for the bigger kits. I can only make room for the smaller bonus kits from Anigrand, and short of turning one's house into an aerospace museum, I don't think there's really much room to display all of these great kits.

Sadly, most of my "big birds" sit in boxes in a closet awaiting an add-on to the house, such as a backyard airport or hangar.

Dream on!

lakespeed said...

It's the photo-recon version of the P-61, the F-15 Reporter. Fits in with the photo-recon theme of the F-2 and XF-11.

bluedonkey99 said...

sounds like a good assesment!

smeg1959 said...

Confirmation on the i.d. of the additional kits with the Nakajima G10N1 Fugaku. According to www.modelingmadness.com:

* Kawanishi Baika "Ume Blossom" (a Japanese answer to the Fi103, but looking more like a standard fighter with a much greater wingspan than either the Fi103 or Okha)

* Mansyu Ki-98 (a Canard affair not unlike the Shinden)

* Mizuno Shinryu "Divine Dragon" (originally a glider with tailplane at front and swept-back wings at back)

Not too surprisingly, all three were being developed for a kamikaze role.

Also on the Anigrand horizon is an Orlyonok Lun ekranoplan plus bonus Yak-36 Freehand, Yak-38 Forger and Yak-141 Freestyle. And Unicraft is looking at a 1/144 Antonov ANT-20 Maxim Gorky.

As has been commented before, these kits are great except for those with space restrictions. After all, that's why some of us took up 1/144 in the first place to placate our better (or worse) halves! ;-)

bluedonkey99 said...

1/144 Exkranoplan - like the revell one?
a larger version of the Takara one (in which thats one huge monster!)

maybe i'll check out the site after work ;o)

smeg1959 said...

Whilst I'm not particularly well-versed in modern Russian equipment, I think the modelling site I quoted has somehow ended up with a hybrid of classes of ekranoplan. The A-90 Orlyonok is the smaller one, as modelled by Revell. The Lun-class is the monster in Takara's 1/700 scale. Knowing Anigrand, I'd reckon it's the Lun.

The Anigrand site doesn't list anything yet - it's only listing the Rainbow and XB-35 as "Future Releases" for Feb and Mar, respectively. Modelingmadness.com reckons an April release for the Lun (if that's what it is).

Incidentally, if anyone has access to Google Earth, you can check out examples of both classes of ekranoplan around the Caspian Sea. The Lun appears to be docked at 42 degrees 52 mins 54 secs N, 47 degrees 39 min 24 secs E, whilst the Orlyonok is parked on a runway at 42 degrees 52 mins 50 secs N, 47 degrees 39 mins 57 secs (cross-ref the "Ekranoplan" entry in Wikipedia).

Gee, I love this computer stuff at times!!!