Saturday, January 12, 2008

1/144 Trumpeter 2008 Catalogue

1/144 Trumpeter 2008 Catalogue
This years Trumpeter catalogue is becoming available, a few interestng pieces,
The TU-16 "Badger" wil fit nicely longside all those other large russins!
The me-262 2x versions..... i m sure these where meant to be released in 2007!?
the Trumpeter catalog on the side of Me-262 pic there are a F-22 Raptor (is not the Prototype YF-22 like trumpeter and revell had)...this F-22 is the same kit of Fumi showed in his blog.. some weeks ago..( In Japan this kit was released as gift on 'Scale Modelling' magazine released 25th Dec 07!)
Enjoy, and thanks to Roberto.


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smeg1959 said...

Again we have this old situation of one manufacturer releasing a kit of a particular aircraft (Eduard's Me262A-1a), then another following with a kit of the same plane (Trumpeter here). Where's our damned Spitfire?!!!

Incidentally, I noted in a recent Scale Aviation Modeller International that Eduard has released a kit containing one Me262A-1a and one A-2a in Czech postwar livery. Built in Czechoslovakia and known as the Avia S-92 and CS-92 respectively, they served with the Czech AF from 1948-51.

And according to Kami de Koro's blog, the latest aircraft he is working on is a Seversky P-35.