Sunday, May 11, 2008

1/144 WINGS144 update

1/144 WINGS144 update
Possibly some of the finest and most interesting garage kits ever and , oh so beyond reach! ;o(
None the less, these are great works!
Interestingly his work is getting more abmbitious with each release, there are some quite large peices in the pipeline!

Lippisch P.20
EMW A9+A10
Lippisch Bomb Carrying Glider
FW 1000 x 1000 x 1000

previous releases;


Anonymous said...

But loosy research . the so called Lippisch glider was invented by a British tabloid in the late seventies (I don't have the mag but I saw it). It has "some" basis in (from memory) a Valier spaceship design of the twenties .. but no bomb of course ...


badger said...

Great. We'll find these on ebay soon and the madness will ensue in bloated bidding. I really wish the wing144 site would sell abroad. Judging from what I've seen on ebay recently, prices are only on the rise. Might have to move to do an annual Japanese outing just to save money on auctions!

I caught a little bit of the craziness wathing an F-Toys Heliborne chase item sell for $700 this past weekend. Deep pockets aside, that's just incredibly stupid considering Sweet has the kit (unpainted of course) for $9. This kid spent another $500 on a non-chase item from the same series, and few hundred more on a couple of others. Crazy stupid!

Let's hope these don't get too out of control when radsan starts selling them. Would love to pick one or all of these up when they come out!

Anonymous said...

There is a shopping cart there......

bluedonkey99 said...

there is, but putting it through google would appear to indcate japan only shipping options.

but my pidgin googlish-japanese isnt so great!

let me know how you get one ;o)

lakespeed said...

I know Yuuichi from the Tokiwa Aircraft Create website, and I have bought through him before. I wonder if he could help?

Is anyone here also interested enough in these kits for me to ask?

badger said...

Absolutely. If Yuuichi is willing to buy them, I would absolutely want one of each. Are you sending an order to him soon?

I've bought TAC kits through him before, but I didn't know he was also an intermediary for Wing144. Now, only if he could get TripleNuts while he's at it and complete the trifecta, that would be wonderful!

lakespeed said...

I don't know if he works as a go between for wing 144, but I could ask him. Worst he can say is he can't get them.

I have asked him about TripleNuts before and he did tell me they only sell at Wonder Festival and that they are available no where else. Very limited production.

pbhawkin said...

I would also be interested in some of the Wing 144 series as well.

Peter H

lakespeed said...

Ok, I sent in an e-mail to him.

Which kits did you guys want specifically if I can get them and how many of each?

I can be reached at if you guys want to take this off board.

lakespeed said...

Gentlemen, these are the kits currently available:

3. Lippisch Li P13a: 2100yen, available

4. Focke Wulf Fw Volksjager: 2415yen, available

5. Messerschmitt Me 263: 3675yen, available

I asked about the others being available again as well as pre-ordering the in the works kits.

Anyone interested in these please e-mail me at and I'll get things ordered.

smeg1959 said...

Lakespeed, you're a legend! I'll send you an email directly with my wants ASAP.

Whilst the Wing144 kits appear to be at the cutting edge in resin casting and detail, you do pay big bucks. After all, some of these items are tiny. But, at least we now don't need to fight over this things on evilBay.

And BTW Badger, I know the very happy vendor of the said three F-Toys' choppers. To say he was stunned is an understatement. He was even more surprised when they guy paid up shortly after the auction! What amazed us both is not only what he bid, but the fact there was a second bidder pushing him all the way.

$AUS760 for the Presidential Sea King? As I said to my fellow collectors here in Oz, I'd prefer to buy the standard item for well under 10 bucks and repaint it, in much the same way Roberto did the "Ente" job on the F-Toys' Shinden.

Anonymous said...

Can you get the Fairy kits too?

bluedonkey99 said...

the fairy kits do only appear to be sold at Project144 and Wonderfest shows.

i havent found a website for them!

YSK and Toropo have websites.

lakespeed said...

Best I have ever been able to find out about Fairy and TripleNuts is that they only make kits to sell at Wonder Festival twice a year.

Neither one has an actual storefront to sell kits through. I've heard this through 2 different sources I have in Japan so I feel it's pretty accurate.

One can always hope though.....

smeg1959 said...

One of my Aussie colleagues tried pursuing the direct contact route with Fairy, even to the point of getting a Japanese-based friend go to the company's address. No luck thusfar.

Yuuichi is a good contact because he does a lot of work with guys outside Japan, particularly with regards to his YKraft decals.

The Lippisch glider looks like the predecessor of the Messerschmitt Libelle Miniaturjäger ( Given the shape, Libelle - the German term for "Dragonfly" - is apt.

lakespeed said...

I'm still working on this guys. Just to keep you all updated.

bluedonkey99 said...


lakespeed said...

Another update....

Payment for these kits will leave my hand in a couple of days so I should have the kits in my hands in about 2 weeks.

I'll contact each of you individually with your totals etc... when I physically have the kits.

And there was much rejoicing!

bluedonkey99 said...


bluedonkey99 said...

it was published in the 1988 "World War II inverstigator Series" magazine!