Saturday, June 14, 2008

1/144 AVRO Lancaster MKI/III by AMODEL.

1/144 AVRO Lancaster MKI/III by AMODEL.

a nice article (in russian) but lots of pictures(!) of the new !/144 kit by Amodel!
It appears to have
*white metal fittings,
*brass photo etched pieces
*rubber tyres?

all i need to know now is why Hannents dont seem to have shipped the pre-orders?

thanks to Claude.


Anonymous said...

This model have: white metal,rubber trunks. It has been made on technology short run!

You can see many models in our site: - еhe best models of planes from the Ukrainian manufacturers!!!

bluedonkey99 said...

Thank you for the information.
you produed a great model from the kit!

Anonymous said...

Let's be glad to see you at our forum The variant of dialogue in English is possible.

Anonymous said...

Umm.....WOW! AModel really stepped up with this kit. It looks outstanding!

booomber said...

I can offer it and other models of Amodel at price from a producer. Actually, I and there is a producer...Write on an address

Anonymous said...

Dear Sergey - hello! You spoke english - this is good!