Monday, June 02, 2008

1/144 F-Toys "Heavy Bomber" Vol.1

3x Specials:
Lotto version:
1/144 F-Toys "Heavy Bomber" Vol.1
interestingly there is a grey Lancaster of 35 Squadron RAF TW880 TL-F.
However TL-F also had been previously allocated to a Halifax II/III (which flew on the Tirpitz raid in '42) and either before/after TW880 to PB366 which was lost Christmas Eve 1944 over Koln
(scroll past text for more pictures, CafeReo + F-Toys B-17 Compared! interesting!!)
"Naked Bombers"
There seems to be some text indicating that the Squadron / Serial number maybe be interchangable decals. (unfconfirmed)


smeg1959 said...

Incidentally, just in case anyone thinks the Betty is in Luftwaffe markings, the crosses are dark green, representing one of the two G4M's involved in transporting Japanese dignatories to the formal surrender proceedings at the end of WW2. These G4M's were finished in white and apparently had the hinomaru replaced by green crosses upon direction from General Douglas MacArthur himself.

This Special certainly beats the pants off the "Lotto" item. Imperial Jap Green? How novel!

bluedonkey99 said...

should be a fairly easy special to mimic with a spray can?