Monday, October 06, 2008

1-144 Sweet bf-109F "Barbarossa" by Roberto

1-144 Sweet bf-109F "Barbarossa" by Roberto
A nice Sweet Kit made up by Roberto, excellent paint work as usual!!
other items of interest :
* Resin Engine Cowls
* Resin Engine Mounts
* Resin Engine
Great little kit!


smeg1959 said...

As always with Roberto's work, I look at the photos, wander over to the relevant part of my 1/144 collection (in this case, my 15-odd Takara Bf109s), take in their size and shake my head in disbelief. Roberto makes his 1/144 scale efforts look as good as the best 1/48 items in modelling mags.

In a word, brilliant!

badger said...

Absolutely stunning!

pbhawkin said...

I agree with the above totally!
And to think people out there think that 1/144 is only good for gaming!!

Anonymous said...


Any idea where Roberto got the resin parts for the 1/144 kit?

I also recommend looking at Yufei Mao's 1/144 SWEET models on ARC (Zero, Hellcat, ME 109 etc...)

rkmasu said...

matthieu i sent a e-mail to you , you don´t received?