Monday, October 20, 2008

1/144 Compare CafeReo vs F-Toys A7 & F4B

1/144 Compare CafeReo vs F-Toys A7 & F4B
"I just discovered the F-toys A-7 and F-4B are uses a diferent tool from previous R-Lai F-4 and and CafeReo A-7 ... they are more delicate lines

The fitting of these prebuilt items are not as high quality as Takara FAOW, but it can be improved with a little effort.

...I tested the removal of the paint from the F-Toys with "rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol" as I did with Cafereo... The paint came off, although not as easily as with the CafeReo aircraft. The paint of a-7 is not gloss and needed some scrubbing to remove..

The fuselage of Cafereo A-7 looks fatter than F-toys... I don´t know which is the more correct..?
The canopy of F-toys make more easily removed (opened)"
F-4 of Rlai have cut wing tips making the eaiser for folded on a deck.., the F-4 of F-toys does not have the cut wing ...
[R.Masukawa, October 2008]

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badger said...

The CafeReo A-7 is grossly inacurate. Much like everything they put out, they seem to miss some basics and make serious errors. For example, CafeReo F-4S & F-4J have eliptical noses than round. All of CafeReo's F4 inlet splitter plates have grooves scribed into them. In reality the splitter plates are supposed to be smooth. They used the same wings for both the F-4E and the F-4EJ, which were quite different in reality. The Platz F-4EJs are much more accurate, and F-Toys got all of these right on their F-4J.

As for the A-7, you can see from the following link that the fuselage and the cockpit are much thinner than what CafeReo put out:

Don't even get me started on their cavernous panel lines. Their F-18s are laughable, when paired against even Doyusha's. Nevermind comparing it to the beautiful DML kits!

In general, CafeReo kits are barely passable if you're picky about being accurate. The only guys that seem to get it right, release after relase, are Takara. Their F15s were masterful. Now, I only wish they'd put out an F16!

rkmasu said...

Yes,Takara are more acurate...the FAOW series are so bad they stopped...
Cafereo did the job releasing first some itens in Area 88 .. and Big birds series are nice help ...
F-toys is doing a nice work covering several fronts... from Helos to Star wars...from Biplanes to Hidroplanes... the only thing I would want is if they change the paint... to a much easy to remove type.. so we could rebuild easier..

badger said...

On Fumi's blog, it looks like he used "water remover for gas tank" to remove A-7 paint. I found only one brand in the local automotive store and will be trying it this weekend. From his pictures, they cleaned up all the paint!

Cleaning blogs:

Finished kits:

To me, Roberto & Fumi are true masters of model making. You guys really make beautiful models, and it's incredible at this tiny scale!

werwulf said...

So I tried the Water remover this evening and it didn't seem to work on my Bandai Wing Club P-47. Maybe it only works with certain manufacturers.

rkmasu said...

The alcoohol or water gas remover
it works well on Takara Famous airplanes series, CAfero series,Popy project flieger, wing club collection... don´t work on Bandai wing club and F-toys series