Saturday, November 27, 2010

1/144 Eurofighter Decal Sets - MYK Decals

Eurofighter Decal Sets - MYK Decals

A whole host of Eurofighter Decals are just released, or are soon to be released. If you are a Eurofighter fan then this could be a great day for you. You are also spoilt for choice on which kit manufacturer to use, Revell, F-Toys or Pit Road!

There are 3 main sets:

European User:
A group of classic Eurofighter customers.
Available: Now
Price: 760Yen

Luftwaffe JG.73 "Steinhoff", Berlin, May. 2008
Luftwaffe JG.74 "Neuburg", Jun. 2008
Spanish Air Force, Grupo 11 113 Escuadron, Gran Canaria, Sep. 2009
Austrian Air Force, Zeltweg, May 2008
Royal Air Force, No.3 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, Jun 2006
Royal Air Force, No.29 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, 2006
Italian Air Force, 4 Stormo 9 Gruppo, RAF Coningsby, 2005
Itaian Air Force, 36 Stormo 12 Gruppo, Gioia del Colle, Aug 2009

JASDF - Eurofighter (Special Edition)
The Eurofighter is being considered as a future combat aircraft of Japan.
Whether this is because they feel it is a great aircraft, or using it as a bargaining ploy to get the F-22?
Available: Soon
Price: 760Yen
JASDF, 301st SQ 5th AW, NYUTABARU Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 301st SQ 5th AW, NYUTABARU Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 204th SQ 83rd AW, NAHA Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 204th SQ 83rd AW, NAHA Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 302nd SQ 7th AW, HYAKURI Air Base, 2013

Empire of Greater Japan AIR FORCE "FU-ZIN" (Fantasy / 'What-If')
A distinctly IJA WWII inspired set of schemes!
Available: Now
Price: 760Yen

GJAF, 244th Fighter Group Commander, Tyofu Air Base, 2013
GJAF, 244th Fighter Group, Tyofu Air Base, 2013
GJAF 64th Fighter Group 2nd Squadron, Nyutabaru Air Base, 2013
GJAF,85th Fighter Group, Chitose Air Base, 2013
GJAF, 50th Fighter Group 1st Squadron, Hyakuri Air Base, 2013

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Anonymous said...

very interest post about 1/144 decls. So, russian "Begemot" firm from Rostov-on-Don, release first decal in 1/144 - Tu-160: USSR, Russia and Ukraine bombers.

Best wishes, Etendard.