Friday, November 12, 2010

1/144 German U-Boat Type IIB - by

The German U-Boat Type IIB “Einbaum” (1930) is a new model kit from ICM in the Ukraine (see news).

built between 1934-192, The beginning of WWII saw the the Type II U-Boats actively used as mine-layers in ports and river estuaries of England and Scotish East Coast, and for anti-shipping duties in the English Channel area. From Spring 1941 the coastal U-Boats were used mainly in training roles in the Baltic

Historical background:

A review posted on this German website (with Sprue phoos ) Indicates that it is of overall good qaulity, although there could be some issue with the
torpedo door?

The kit contains parts of two different bridges, that of the U-9 and the U-19.
No decals are provided.

Parts: 60
Length 297mm

Available: Soon
Price 12-18 Euros.

Thanks to Thomas

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