Saturday, December 18, 2010

1/144 Bachem Ba349V "Natter" - by Foxone

1/144 Bachem Ba-349V "Natter"- by Foxone

Foxone has released his latest kit, a great reproduction of the Bachem 'Natter' rocket fighter. Designed as a short range 'point defence' for key infrastructure such as factories or cities in a bid to stop the Allied bombers.

As with a lot of the late war German products it is an interesting item for us historically, but useless in its time.

The Foxone kit is supplied with a reduced number of parts for easier assembley, and and included a launch gantry that will greatly help the reproduction of a nice diorama and display!

This is the "V" varient, and was the early development and testing version.
Therefore the kit has some revision over the previous versions and the selection of decals and recommended paint schemes refelct this. The other big difference that is hard not to spot, is the inclusion of a large industrial launch tower.

As with most Foxone kits this will be an interesting but challenging kit to build.
It is again one of many subjects that Tomytec or Project Flieger failled to address!

Available: Devember 2010
Price: 4000 Yen
These kits can be ordered direct from Foxone, or via Radjapan

The previous "combat" version of the 'Natter' is still available.

Foxone has also revise the Fi-103 (V-1) 'Doodle Bug' kit, look for the A007.1 kit reference - See here for details It has been remastered with fewer parts for easier construction.

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