Thursday, December 09, 2010

1.144 Me1101 & Focke-Wulf FW Ta 183 -

„What if“ Messerschmitt Me1101 & Focke-Wulf FW Ta 183 - by

Valom kit No. 14401 Messerschmitt Me 1101 and Focke-Wulf Ta 183
Box contain four kits(?) with four markings covering Luftwaffe and IJA schemes.

Interestingly, as has been noted by others this would appear to be a repackaging of the kits. See my previous report

The Jach kits were plastic injected kits, clear plastic canopies, photo etched radars & decals.

The price is unspecified, but maybe be a little more than the Jach released kits?
Available: Soon

144Shop still has the Jach version of these kits available.


spejic said...

Will this mean it will get wider distribution? These looks like fine kits, and getting four of these simple aircraft in a box would be a great chance to try out every conceivable what-if scheme.

Anonymous said...

The assumption would be that Valom stockists could stock it?

Or, it both kits ( in packs of two) are available at 144shop today, and over the last year!?
144shop is an Internet store that is very reliable, I have featured them before for other 144 items . Inc wasserfall rocket!