Sunday, October 23, 2011

Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?


Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

these popped up in my inbox as a result of a standing searchin on ebay...
Alhthough up for 11 Euro which roughly eqautes to 1165 Yen / 15 USD / 14 AUD / 10 GBP so dont expect to fine a product,

It does for obvious reasons have to be one of the largest collection of Italian aircraft out there?

It does have a mixed range of scales aking to a "fix the box" range, incorporating 1/72, 1/100 1/144 and 1/200? So be careful on the items that you buy

1/44 or 1/200 (?) SM.81
The SM.81 is only a little bit larger than the SM.79, so it would be a shame if they dropped it to 1/200....
The dimensions of the ebay listing match closely to what it should be if it was 1/144

1/144 SM.79
200666546727 ... -del-Cielo

oddly, the website says it 1/200 - yet the measurements on the ebay listing do reflect the 1/144 scale dimensions for this aircraft!?

poss 1/144;sid=e4rR9B6GJeTR9lAlhnx95FiZp-VCTy2BDls=?CatalogCategoryID=bW2sEWcVZzcAAAEq9vYTzj4T

There are references to the range on the following forum threads

The manufacturer is Leomodels, which is working with publisher, Fabbri, in yet another of those Altaya, Hachette, etc.-style subscription deals
#26 Fiat BR.20 Cicogna 1/144
#32 Caproni Ca.3 1/144
#34 SIAI Marchetti SM.79 1/144

more to come...?

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