Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1/144 AEC Dorchester, Russian BA-6 & USA Ford GPA

1/144 British AEC Dorchester, Russian BA-6 & USA Ford GPA - Panzer Depot
First out of the Panzer Depot workshop are the following collection of items:
The AEC Dorchester is an interesting one, and I think strange that PD didnt do an "Afrika Korps" captured version as Rommel did use some of these! The BA-6 should also keep people happy as it fills an interesting whole vacated by the pro-hobby items, the Ford GPA is a nice item of interest being the 'little brother' of the more famous DUKW!

British/DAK AEC Dorchester (camo) $16.80
British Dorchester (desert) $15.80


Russian BA-6 (green) $15.80
Russian BA-6 (winter) $15.80

US Ford GPA $14.80

Website: www.panzerdepot.com
Online shop: www.panzerdepot.com/eshop/catalog/


badger said...

I wonder if the guys on ebay realize what's going on here. They pay upwards of $60 USD for a single kit, and not just once mind you, only to see them get sold for $15-20 a couple of months later from Panzerdepot & Waffen144.

And is it just a coincidence that practically every single finished kit recently sold on ebay has been put up for sale by the PD and W144?

pbhawkin said...

Sure, why not sell on Ebay and get someone pay $60 rather than have them visit your on-line store and pay $15?
I do it too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much your guys giving such good suggestions, we will still keep our pricing below $20 except the complicated items.

If some one they like to spend money for nothing even worse casting like "Diana", we can not stop them .....


Anonymous said...

wow ! still USD 20 EACH ?

see the original kits from Fairy and the price @



Anonymous said...

Are you complaining about the cost of preassembled and prepainted items, or that the items are available at all?

Many of the earlier Fairy and other garage kits were never available except on ebay with inflated prices.

OK now you can actually buy through HLJ with is an improved situation.

Don't forget there are 1.144 collectors who never pick up glue or paint and will pay the extra for people to do this for them.

No one forces you to buy.