Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1/144 Beutepanzer T34/85(r) 88mm - CGD

1/144 Beutepanzer T34/85(r) 88mm - CGD
Another of CGD more esoteric productions, a captured beutepanzer T34/85(r) rearmed with 88mm Gun.
The Germans captured very few T34/85 tanks and even fewer was put into service. However, from unconfirmed sources, Panzerbrigade Kurland, in Kurland, had only captured tanks. They took a captured T34/85 to a shipyard and rearmed to fire 88mm shells. They might have rebored the 85mm gun barrel to take 88mm shells (not quite probable) or took the 88mm gun form a damaged Tiger I and fit it into the turret. Supposedly the turret storage box from the Tiger was also fitted onto the T34, with some other custom additions.

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