Wednesday, February 08, 2012

1/144 RAF WWII GSE - Matador range update !!

1/144 RAF WWII GSE - Matador range update !!
Matador have updated their resin range with some new Austin K6 lorries (trucks) to add to their existing range od Albion support vehicles, Additionally there is a new new RAF Type C Bomb Trolley that appears to come with the option of a 'cookie cutter' or 6 conventional bomb. I have some of the existing releases and they have great detail and nice clean sharp casts, although solid glazing. Still, I'll certainly be looking at these with some interest!

see  Matador Link 1  and  Link 2

Existing Releases:
144V.01 Albion AM 463 RAF Refueller £9.99
144V.02 Albion AM 463 G.S. Truck £9.99
144V.03 Albion AM 463 RAF 4x2 with Coles Mk I crane £9.99
144V.04 Albion AM 463 Flat Platform Semi-Trailer £10.70
144V.05 Beaverette Mk III £5.00
144V.06 Bison Concrete Armoured Lorry £9.99

New Releases:
144V.07 Austin K6 G.S.     £9.99
144V.08 Austin K6 Bomb Flat     £9.99
144V.09 RAF Type C Bomb Trolley and bombs    £3.60

Planned for Feburary 27th (at On Tracks 2012):

144V-10 Bedford OYD 3 Ton GS (CMP steel body)     £.???
144V-11 Austin K3 3 Ton 4x2 GS (steel body)     £.???
144V-12 Austin K6 Balloon Winch £.???
144V-13 Commer Q2 2 Ton GS  (wooden body) £.???
144V-14 Dodge Kew 3 Ton GS (wooden body) £.???

Civilian N Gauge Range  (UK 1/148) - Link
CS-N-01 Scammell Haulage Contractor's (or Showman's) Prime  Mover £9.95
Although a the civil version, a little work could make for a passable Scammell R100 Military version?

Aircraft Interiors 1/144:
Although basic by the standard of today, Retrowings, Senworks etc these relatively cheap white metal interiors can help boost some of the older 1/144 kits lacking any real interior. This maybe particularly useful as revell are reissuing (for some unknown delusional reason) all those terrible kits on part with the crown/minicraft ranges of yesteryear!? Link

I feel a trip to Kent may be the order of the day!

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