Monday, February 13, 2012

Wonderfest 2012 (Winter) - Show Reports!


rkmasu said...

Wing Kit 9 is nice! A5m is a beautifull plane with metal and red tail painting..
and F-2 Buffalo in Finland colors will be nice!
The Hurri is nice but the pics are strange..looks a loong fuselage?
T-2 is good!! in Greece camo and USnavy
the main deception..Sweet again..with only ZEEEROS..

Sundowner said...

Well, the WTM10 is a bit disappointing... more of the same. There are plenty of things they can do without resorting to more Type 90s, 74s and so on.

F_IV said...

An A5M4, AND a Buffallo.
To use the internet vernacular... WOOT!

I'm all over these ones :D

Kull said...

I really had HIGH HOPES for World Tank Museum's next installment:

T-62, M-103, Zulfikar 3, Merkava IV, Arjun, Khalid, Chinese tanks...

...instead they released this disappointing stuff!