Saturday, June 02, 2012

1/144 WWII US M4 Sherman with 105mm Howitzer - CGD

1/144 WWII US M4 Sherman with 105mm Howitzer  - CGD
This new release in the CGD range of Sherman tanks varient has been inspired by the discussion on KG144BBS, and therefore should get a warm welcome.

Both the M4 and M4A3 Sherman were upgraded/factory equipped with a 105mm M4 howitzer. They fired a powerful high explosive charge and were used as assault guns platoons. However the gun performed poorly as anti tank weapon and was rarely deployed against enemy tanks. But a HEAT (High Explosive Anti-tank) ammunition was available for self defence. The 105mm Sherman was also the first to be equipped with a all vision commander copula.

Sherman tankers often improvised to "upgrade" their armour protection in the field and one way was stacking sandbags around the hull armour. They were useless against kinetic rounds but was thought to provide protection against German HEAT weapons such as Panzerfaust. This proofed to be more psychological than practical. Tests showed that such protection although can protect the Sherman from a frontal impact of Panzerfaust 60, a side attack of the weapon blew away the sandbags and still penetrated the armour.

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