Thursday, June 07, 2012

1/144 Landkreuzer P1500 'Monster' - Matuo Kasten

1/144 Landkreuzer P1500 'Monster' - Matuo Kasten
There are a number of variants of the hypothetical designs for a P1500 weapon, Matuo Kasten has gone for a slightly different approach of having what appears to be a "Dora" transported on a pair of "Ratte's". This is not so far off the mark (if such a comment can be sensible placed whilst discussing such a crazy idea), as there was similar talk of mounting a "K5" Leopold between to (King) Tigers? Therefore scaling this up in a logical fashion gets you to the proposal shown above.

As Matuo Kasten has previously produced two versions of the RATTE, I think we can safely assume that this will get produced. The questions is do you have a budget and a shelf big enough to hold it!

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Nibert Jr. said...

Esse está errado, o P-1500 não tem a esteira separada, seu verdadeiro projeto, deve de ser igual a da seguinte imagem:
Img. 1-
Img. 2-

bluedonkey99 said...

If you translate my text, you will see I have said it does not represent the accepted images of the P1500.

Se você traduzir meu texto, você vai ver que eu disse que não represente as imagens aceitas da P1500.