Friday, November 09, 2012

1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport "Star Wars" resin kit

1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport "Star Wars" resin kit
I do not know if this a  short run Japanese kit from an individual, small studio or piece commissioned from Anigrand? It is however a quite a rare Star Wars resin kit, well, I do not recall seeing one before?

The the finished model will measure 24.8" (63cm) long and 7.1"(18cm) wide, and has over 250 parts including 3 bonus kit.( Tie-aggressor, Cloud-car & Rebel troop cart all in 1/144 scale.)

Currently on Ebay for $368 USD which is quite eye watering!?
and even more in the USA on Ebay for $635 USD and he has 4 of then

More info on the GR-75

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werwulf said...

A few years back, I contacted Anigrand about their discontinued Star Wars line. I was able to buy the last of their stock, but they did mention something about the Rebel Transport coming out that Christmas. Perhaps this is it.