Monday, February 18, 2013

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.11

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.11 
A new release (Est April 2013) of the wing kit collection with this mix of something old, something new and something borrowed?

Expect the usual mix of item and series special plus the newer extra of limited edition lottery item

Bf109G-6, Bf109G-5,  Bf109G-6 Trop,

P47D razorback US ARMY 61sq, 302sq, 56sq

Mitsubishi Zero type 22 Raboul, 251sq, 582sq


Anonymous said...

The retread Zero needs no introduction, but is that the old Bandai 109?

Hopefully the Special is something worthwhile. So far the jug looks like the only one to have. If I hadn't just bought the Platz ones the other week.

rmasu said...

I would be happy if in place of Zero..they had choose a Hawker Tempest.

John Haverstock said...

OH BOY! Another Zero!!!! Maybe they will do some more F-18s next... Sorry for the sarcasm, and I know times are tough - but really guys - how about something new!

Anonymous said...

as someone fairley new to 1/144 collecting i'm glad to see these. The Razorback Jug especially. Good to see that F Toys is still cranking out 1/144 prebuilt aircraft. Almost nobody else is these days.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up one of F-toys' previous Zeroes. The model 52 from Wing Kit #11. A very pleasant surprise to see it's a new tooling, and arguably much more convincing than the Sweet version in some areas.

The Sweet cowling is very poorly rendered, being undersized and entirely rounded with no rearward taper (and moulded partly integral to the fuselage). The F-toys one is well sized and proportioned, as well as having a separate exhaust collector ring. Going to have to get some more and combine the best bits of each I reckon.

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