Monday, February 25, 2013

War Stories by Conquistador Games

War Stories by Conquistador Games 

 Is a card  War Gaming System by Conquistador Games is another wargaming project that looks to be a akin to the "wings of war/Glory" but card based and designed for miniatures such as 1/144.

They claim to be subsequently releasing a series of pre-painted miniatures "equal in quality to the WTM series"  - so, it remains to be seen if these will be WTM or plastic/metal alternatives!?

If you into your gaming and based in the USA, this could be a project for you!

Check out the Kickstarter Projects pages and the Videos at:

CQGames Website:

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Stephen Beat said...

As someone who is completely new to war gaming this idea is very attractive. Obviously I would have to scale down - as I current build my AFVs at 1/72 - but that does have a lot of advantages.

Thanks for the link!