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1/144 Boeing C-97 AWI (AEW) conversion - Freightdog Models

1/144 Boeing C-97 AWI (AEW) conversion - Freightdog Models

Resin cast conversion set (five parts) to 1/144th scale.
Designed for use with any of the Minicraft family of C-97 or KC-97 kits. The C-97 AWI was a 1945 British proposal for an Airborne Warning and Interception platform utilising its large forward fuselage to locate a 7 foot antenna in the nose. To do this the cockpit was to be relocated on the top of the fuselage, with smaller antennae located above and below the fuselage. A paper project only, more information can be found on this fascinating subject in The Air Staff and AEW by Chris Gibson, published by Blue Envoy Press. Decals not included, illustration by Adrian Mann.

Suggested schemes are Medium Sea Grey over PRU Blue to pattern No. 2 (with high demarcation) from initial service entry in 1951, overall painted aluminium 1952-58 and overall Dark Sea Grey from 1958 till retirement (mid 1960's?), with a white top fuselage added from 1959.

No decals included , but suggested options would be:
National marking upper wings 84in, fuselage and lower wings 54in, fin flash 36x24in. Serials would be 8 inch on fuselage, 36in if carried on fin (as per B-29 Washington) and 48in if carried under wings.

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