Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1/144 C-57D Space Cruiser 'Forbidden Planet' - Polar Lights

1/144  C-57D Space Cruiser  'Forbidden Planet' - Polar Lights
A new(ish) saucer in 1/144! For those of you into old Sci-Fi movies, UFO, or just fancy to lineup against your Anigrand Hanebau, Atlantis TR-2/Bernalillo or Area-51 from Pegasus this could be the thing for you!?

Polar Lights have issued a plastic injection kit of the C-57D from the old "Forbidden Planet" classic movie (which is arguably based on Shakespeare's play The tempest').  I don't think you get the "Robbie the Robot" in this kit :(

When someone says the words "science fiction" nothing comes to mind quicker than a flying saucer. The most famous flying saucer in history was the iconic vessel featured in Forbidden Planet, the C-57D. The ship is offered for the first time in a medium scale model kit. At 12" wide, it is a perfect size to fit on any book shelf. The ship can be built in a flying or in a landed position. The lower dome comes injected in clear plastic to show off the inner engine detail.

Interestingly, a search on YouTube reveals people have already customised their C-57Ds with automated legs, lighting systems and even a rotating engine ring!




modeller interested in real space and sci-fi models would do worse than to check out the following, which include a lot of reference material and even scale plans (I recommend shopping around for the best prices)
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The Dream Machines: An Illustrated History of the Spaceship in Art, Science and Literature.


Kitnoob said...

This is truly tempting, but I know that if I start down this route I will open the door to a whole universe of geekdom!

Forbidden Planet is still one of my favourite movies - legend has it that it was the inspiration for Star Trek - and I too would have liked to have seen a miniature Robbie the Robot included (maybe in his transport vehicle).

Very nice post. Thanks.

John Haverstock said...

I'm with you, Kitnoob!
"Once down the path of the dark side you start, forever controlled by it you will be..." :-)