Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1-144 Wing Kit Collection Vol.12 - F-Toys (update)

1-144 Wing Kit Collection Vol.12 - F-Toys

F-Toys are pushing out a new issue of the Wing Kit Collection series. It must be said there are few surprises with this release and  many of these Zeros, Vals and Kates have been seen before. Notable newcomers being - a B5N1 (early Kate model, used in the Sino-Japanese War) and a D3A2 (late VAL model, more powerful engine, streamlined canopy rear, in service in 1943).

Available: September 2013

Update: Apparently these are not just any old reissue, these are new molds.... (Platz)

Images Source:  http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10234780


Anonymous said...

well i for one am very happy to see this release. Being late to the party, as far as collecting 1/144 planes, the Vals and Kates have gotten very expensive. These will be welcomed by me as a great alternative to the first releases and the waaaay overpriced Avioni-X offerings, which are riddled with flaws (inaccurate colors, some poor details, no optional parts) at their whopping price tags.

Sosezi said...

I am Very happy with B5N1 Yeah!!! Love this Early nose and molding quality is GREAT!!
parts fitting are great too except canopy haha same as the Hasegawa 1/72 Kates

but F-Toys made great work with this really small model

i will repaint it and make custom decals for, but as for basic kit it is still great!

and agreed Avioni-X are Crazy expensive and Inacurrate
for example their Val have in my opinion oversized nose

colors Hmm i think F-Toys are better but anyway as for me they need repaint and/or Shading,New decals and some scratchbuild in the cockpit and new bombs/pitot tubes

p.s Anyway Greatest Series of WWII Legends!!