Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1/144 World Tank Museum Vol.1 (German Blitzkrieg 1940) - F-Toys

1/144 World Tank Museum Vol.1 (German Blitzkrieg 1940) - F-Toys
Well it has been a long time waiting, but finally we get a new WTM series. Interestingly the Sd.Kfz was part of the much delayed WTM series revealed many years back, so there could be some hope of seeing the British and Soviet tanks that were also part of the cancelled set?

Well these items are welcome, in particular the Flak 36 as it can be used for the basis of some interesting conversions....

The other surprise is the coperation of F-Toys and Kaiyodo (owner of WTM Brand), lets hope this means we will start to see many more of these items in the coming months! What this means for F-Toys own Battle Tank Collections series who can say. As long as they are producing armour then the name doesn't really matter.

further images are on Dameya's Page

Three colour options for each of the following (inv DAK), and possibly some bonus figures with one or more of the Panzer I.

Sd.Kfz. 101 Panzerkampfwagen I (PzKpfW I) / Panzer 1 Ausf B
8.8cm Flak36

Available: September 2013


Anonymous said...

Finally a new gashapon armour series. I am not much of an aircraft collector, so this makes me very happy.

Q said...

Agreed with anonymous. It has been a while since we have WWII ground vehicles. Will be looking forward to them!

Anonymous said...

Hope to see more new stuff, the sdkfz 7 is not a big surprise for me.
But nice colour options anyway!

Michael said...

I want to see more support vehicles. For example, I have a Schwere Panzer BN (1944-5) of 8 Tiger 1s and 4 Tiger 2s. I have 8 half tracks for my engineer platoon but no trucks for my signal PTL. I have 1 WirbleWind and three half tracks for my AAA PTL but no Bergpanthers or Skfp 7 for my recovery PTL or trucks. I need some VWs for my Tiger companies. Wireman & Carias obtained their victories by sneaking up on their enemies, mapping the recon and them jamming back. Hey, you can't make beer runs in tanks or half tracks---Mein Fuhrer would disapprove!!!