Friday, February 21, 2014

1/144 New Kits from Dameya

1/144 New Kits from Dameya
Dameya has been busy producing kits using CAD design and printing in the Shapeways 'FUD' material delivery increased detail, but at a higher price and offerings for the carpet monster.

Crusader Cruiser MK.III (MK. I/II also available)
Panzer Kugel
V-2(A-4) Transport Trailer (can be used with Strategist SS100 Hanomag)
M22 Locust Airborne Tank
IJA Type 4
M3 Lee
M3 Grant

Available now (Japan):
Overseas shipping service (May 2014)

Coming soon: 1/144 IJA 'Maru-Yu' Transport Submarine!

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